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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Unable to find row with id 1381 in domains table

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The issue occurred while deleting the domain from the Plesk panel. It happens due to database inconsistency. Follow the below steps to resolve the issue.

1.If you have an issue on a remote server, connect your server through RDP.
2.Open the command prompt and generate a backup for the Plesk database
  plesk db dump psa > C:\psa_dump.sql
3.Connect Plesk database
  plesk db
4.Check whether there is no domain associated with such ID in the Plesk database. Replace 1381 with your affected ID.
  select * from domains where id=1381;
NOTE: if you got the below output then the given ID is not available in the database.
              Empty set (0.00 sec)
5.Fix the inconsistency in the Plesk database.
  delete from IisAppPools where ownerId=1381;
6.If you disabled ModSecurity activate and check.

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